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It is a natural emulsion made with natural carrier oils and water or floral waters. Removes dirt and impurities from skin without stripping away your skin's natural sebum. Cleansing milk removes makeup, impurities, dirt, excess oil. In our shop you will find only gentle milks, that won't irritate your skin and won't strip your skin of its natural oils. That's why your skin will not turn dry.


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Toners are there to help close pores and tighten cells after cleansing. It reduces the risk of deep penetration of impurities and negative environmental contaminants into the skin. Most of our toners are natural humectants, which means they help to seal and bind moisture to the skin.


You can find out more about our natural toners here - FACIAL TONERS / HYDROSOLS / FLORAL WATERS


Our choice:

Natural Toner with Chilean Rose / Rosa Moschata/ Rosa Mosqueta - Without ALCOHOL - Suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin.



Eye creams are formulated especially for sensitive skin area around your eyes and usually lips. They tend to be thicker than normal creams, but you can also find eye serums and eye gels. It all depends on your personal preference and skin type. Delicate massaging cream helps reduce puffiness and dark circles, it also benefits from fighting signs of aging: wrinkles and dark spots.